Chore Chart for Moms: #1 Get Off Your Lazy Ass


Mom's Chore Chart


For the last couple of months my mom’s been threatening  to make me a chart that tracks my chores and good behavior.  Things like make my bed, be a good listener, pick up my toys.  You know, the usual crap. All this in exchange for some stickers. Sounds like an effing blast. Here’s the thing:  she keeps threatening to make the charts, yet as far as I can see, she can’t get off her ass to actually lift a glue-stick. The poster board and sticker-incentives are just sitting in a pile.

The girl has a big problem with follow through, which when you think about it makes her one of last people who should be responsible for a chore chart.  Kind of like relying on Courtney Love to keep an eye on your Vicodin. It ain’t gonna happen. And in the end, someone’s gonna have their stomach pumped.

Well, while she’s busy doing jack all about my chart I’ve already managed to visit and download one for her. The design I picked has a sassy princess motif but I did make some minor modifications. Not sure if she “will work for sticker.’ But we’ll see.

Author: Lily

4 year old blogger

9 thoughts on “Chore Chart for Moms: #1 Get Off Your Lazy Ass

  1. Have you been talking to my kids? Did they ask you to write this for them?

  2. Seriously!
    My kids are all grounded from the internet until this site goes down.
    And also, you’re getting a time-out.

  3. Just found your blog and laughed at every single post…..good stuff.

  4. Classic… LMAO. I can never let me daughter read this. I would never hear the end of it.

  5. oh i just love this blog! so funny, sick of all the crunchy ones

  6. It’s like deja vu reading this blog!

  7. I got a beautiful magnetic chore chart from etsy – didn’t even have to make it myself – and I still haven’t gotten around to getting my son to use it. I only hope you’ll post often enough to give me a daily chuckle after I am *finally* able to get the kids to sleep!

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  9. I gave my mom the chart and I was like, “I forgot to add one thing explain that thing you do.” She went on to that “Circle of Life” thing. Parents. Who gave them the authority to control, or more correctly, to THINK they control us?

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