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Lily is a 5-year-old who believes that there are two sides to every story. An avid writer (she has written her name over almost every available surface in her home) she plans to blow the lid off the slanted world of ‘mommy blogs.’ When she isn’t writing scathing commentary about her own mom, she herself is a doting mother of 16 children (9 dolls, 7 stuffed animals.)

Here’s a post that explains her inspiration for starting this blog: Why I Think All “Mommy Blogs” Are Bullsh*t”

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14 thoughts on “About Lily

  1. this is hysterical

  2. Lily – you are hilarious! I am adding you to my Blogroll, but please understand that I cannot invite you for a playdate with my daughter. I don’t want her learning your tricks!

  3. Awesome!!!! I love it, too funny!

  4. This is insanely hysterical!!!
    I had no idea.

    your capoeira friends

  5. sooooo funny……….this blog is a keeper for this cranky mommy

  6. your blog is wonderful! Thank you!

  7. Laughed out loud. Thank you!

  8. OMG! LOL!
    Lily, you’re a hoot:) Thanks for putting a smile on my face. As the mom of a 7 yr old daughter, now I know what she’s thinking about ME!

  9. Wow, I never knew a 4 year old with such a bad mouth!

  10. The funniest blog I’ve discovered! I’ve got a 4yr old and this would be her ideal guest posting site LOL!!!

    Thank you for your stories and creativity!

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  12. this made my day. I wish I knew who this mommy was that wrote this.

  13. Lily your blog is sooo FUNNY!!

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