When Mommy Won’t Stop “Twerking”



Only one day old and she’s already embarrassing me..if I had the ability to roll my eyes I would have.

(NOTE: I recently turned seven but I haven’t had time to change my website design… 2nd grade is BRUTAL. I have to write a 3 sentence book report EVERY FREAKING WEEK. )

You think Miley Cyrus’ twerking at the VMA’s or Syria’s behavior is embarrassing?  Then you haven’t seen my mom when she cranks up her 80’s music, gleefully exclaims “Lily, THIS is the Ramones!”– as if she’s teaching me the fundamental nuances of baroque classical music– and then proceeds to gyrate around the room exposing her industrial Spanx every time she twirls. No blurred lines here…it’s 100% disturbing.

What does your mom do that embarrasses the shit out of you?

Author: Lily

4 year old blogger

2 thoughts on “When Mommy Won’t Stop “Twerking”

  1. we have missed your commentary. as preschoolers with a stay-at-home mom that is actually our dad, we have special needs that only your insight can address, and sadly, as bad as our dad is, mom sucks too. more please. Ciara and Tessie.

  2. Oh my freaking god!! Finally someone who f**king understands me! My parents are SOOO lame – why can’t they just leave me and my iPod alone so that I can commune properly with people that really GET me? Like Taylor Swift and Bruno Mars? Okay, so I understand, really, that I’m only just about 7, but my sister is 14, and that, like, gives me a competitive edge. I’ve come to the realization that my mother is hellbent on grinding all my hopes and dreams into the ashes of her former youth and it’s my DUTY to make sure that I not only win, but crush her in the process. So THANK YOU bedtimesareforsuckers for giving me the impetus to question arbitrary parental authority and explore my impending independence. With great love and respect, Abigail Zamora

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