How My Mommy F-ed Up ‘Crazy Hat Day’


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Here's the hat I would've worn if my mom hadn't dropped the ball. Yeah, you bet I'm crabby.

Ever have one of those nightmares where you show up to preschool,  discover it’s ‘Crazy Hat Day’ and you’re NOT wearing a crazy hat because your mom didn’t bother to read the school’s monthly activity calender so you end up looking like an a**hole ?

What? Just me?

Since my mom started working longer hours at her job she can’t keep anything straight. Usually her inability to hold it together works in my favor but lately it’s given me the shitty opportunity to show up to “Swim Day” without a bathing suit,  “Crazy Hair Day” with neatly combed hair and of course ‘Hat Day’ without a f**cking hat.

What  cracks me up is she also happened to miss that email about the lice infestation in Room 6.  Hope she can take a couple of days off work to pick nits out of my hair!

Author: Lily

4 year old blogger

2 thoughts on “How My Mommy F-ed Up ‘Crazy Hat Day’

  1. Lily I say home with my babes, no job to distract, a helpful husband AND STILL!!! At my daughters preschool they hold these big events two consecutive weeks in a row so our bright children can remind us the following week! you may want to slip that in your suggestion box:)

  2. Maybe your school can sponsor a “crazy mom” day? She drops you up and makes a showing or maintains her record by forgetting to drop you off at school. Either way it is a win win for you!

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