Preschooler Breastfeeds Her Doll in a Restaurant!


It’s a tried and true “hot button” issue: Breastfeeding in public. Every few months, some mom is chastised by authorities or bystanders for nursing her child on a bus, or at a sporting event.  It’s absolute bullshit. 

I subscribe to opinion that a woman should be able to nurse anywhere, anytime. It’s a woman’s right … and, I believe, a preschooler’s right. Not everybody agrees.

One night when I was out to dinner with my parents and my daughter, Madison, I announced that it was time to “milk my baby.”  I proceeded to pull down my princess dress so Maddie could “latch on.” (Simultaneously,  I enjoyed a nice beverage because, I believe one of the hallmarks of being an awesome mom is the ability to multi-task.)

Jeeze, what a letdown (sorry had to!) you’d think I had just poured an entire bottle of  ketchup on the table. (BTW it’s something I have done. Why?  Because it was there.)

Anyway, the couple next to us started giggling uncomfortably…which is freakin’ weird. A few judgmental diners even gave my MOM the stinkeye.  WTF?!  What was I supposed to do?! Cover myself up with a “blanket of shame,” Do they even make nursing covers in size 4T?

Author: Lily

4 year old blogger

12 thoughts on “Preschooler Breastfeeds Her Doll in a Restaurant!

  1. Lily. I will never forget the first time I fed my baby girl in public. I thought I was going to DIE! sadly I don’t remember the last time.
    Madie’s going to grow up to be a strong 4t like you!

  2. That is hilarious, and adorable.

  3. Why?????
    It is the most natural and fascinating thing in the world!!

    ….I guess stupid people are everywhere…

  4. Oh my goodness, I just stumbled upon your blog and LOOOOVE this post. My daughter nursed her “babies” in public all the time when my son was a baby. Of course, her babies included a bear, giraffe and other assorted stuffed animals. She loved to nurse her babies whenever I nursed her brother, so we often found ourselves sitting side-by-side nursing in restaurants, on park benches, etc. She always made me smile – it was the cutest thing!

  5. Honestly, I don’t mind nursing mothers, but I prefer they cover up appropriately. While I have no problem with you taking care of business, if your boob is hanging out when your kid decides to pull off, I don’t want my kids staring at it. Is it so hard to just use a blanket, napkin, any sort of cover to ensure modesty?

  6. Are you seriously asking a four year old that??

  7. Also, way to go Lily! You gotta stay hydrated!

    ps are you on twitter? I’d like to follow you. You and my daughter Alice would get along like gangbusters (what does that even MEAN?)

  8. My kid did this once. I’ve never let him forget it!

  9. You go little Lady! I just discovered your blog, and you give all the adult blogs a read a run for their money. And don’t listen to the nay-sayers! If your kids are so unfamiliar with the way the human body works that they feel the need to stare at nursing mother, then what they need is a science lesson!

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