My Parents Trashed My Dream House


Like most girls my age I’m hot for pink. I can’t get enough of it. I love the light red hue with so much passion my easily befuddled mom once wrote a post called Help! My Daughter is a Pink Junkie. Classy. 

So you can imagine the euphoria I felt when a year ago we moved into our a new house that was covered in glorious light pink. It was a freaking dream come true.  So what the hell happens next? My parents go all Home Depot and paint it — BROWN. Yes, like poo. Huh?! (Hey, it’s not the first time they’ve sullied perfection.) These two know NOTHING about curb appeal. I’d venture to say they lowered the property value by a 20, billion, million, 17 dollars. Minimum. Bye, bye college education!

Author: Lily

4 year old blogger

11 thoughts on “My Parents Trashed My Dream House

  1. I know this is hard to believe, kid, but someday you will shudder at the idea of a pink house and love the way your parents painted this place. I swear.

  2. Haven’t they ever seen the Barbie dream house? It’s pink, not brown!

  3. Um, no. No, No, No. It was way better before. I am so, so sorry Lily!!

  4. Looks good. Love your blogs. Keep them coming!

  5. Hi Lily,
    I empathize with you. Pink is a great color, especially when it’s contrasted against a green pathway (complementary colors, right?). Hope you can find a way to come to terms with the situation.

  6. I think it is absolutely gorgeous!

  7. Poor Lily. There is so much wrong with this.
    – lawn replaced with climate-appropriate garden = no sprinklers going all summer. Screw the water table, we need daily mud!
    – astroturf removed from front steps = total bummer! It is nature’s perfect grass!
    – chairs on front porch = mom & dad will see everything you’re up to out there!
    So sorry!

  8. I really liked it pink!!! Sad face.

  9. All the scenery changed in the background also. I would have painted it blood red.

  10. In Dream house Very Beutiful but someday you will shudder at the idea of a pink house and love the way your parents painted this place. I swear.

  11. I’m almost totally convinced most of you are high. That house looked like SHIT before. Astroturf? Really? And the pink… That house looked like it belonged to an 85 year old single woman. If that’s what you’re into, have at it, guess. As for me, I prefer the classy look… Oh, and there is this wonderful concept I recently heard about called “being greatful”. Good fucking lord. If your parents are going to make over your house for you and make it look a billion times better.. you should try that whole being greatful thing. Shit. What is this world coming to.

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